Preset / Sample limits

Does anyone know whether the Field allows more samples / presets to be saved than the original OP-1?

edit - anyone know what the limits are?

Yes, at least according to TE and some reviewers.

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I’ve heard 500 mentioned in some places, but cannot find an official number from TE.

Edited to correct my lame lack of ability to read a simple list—see below.

its right on their list of 100 new features or whatever
Screen Shot 2022-07-31 at 7.39.36 PM

says over 160 minutes of sample storage
also says up to 500 user patches


I read that list before I posted, to check. I must be getting old.

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i mean in all fairness its basically just a long ass word jumble
dont feel bad :slight_smile:


Word jumble with pointless things like “NEW RANGE OF CUSTOM ACCESSORIES”.

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