Price increases. Why?

Hi, just bought OP-1 and thinking of OP-Z.
And noticed an oddness. Last week the old US eBay seller that used to sell it brand new for 550 with offers increased the price up to 1000. I asked why but received no reply as usual (he never answered).
Today I noticed the new listing with open box for 750. As well US seller.
I may realise the strange prices from foreign sellers (Japan especially). But I can’t understand how they sell it here in US twice higher than the official price.
Maybe I don’t know anything? The same as OP-1 two years ago?

Because EBAY. You can still buy it from a real store/company for the original price.

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Do you mean it’s a local madness of two sellers and not the tendency?

Straight from TE it’s showing as £529, roughly $722. Four months ago I paid about £480 from a shop in the UK which is roughly $655. $1000 is too much!

The official US price is $599 never changed.

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They jacked up the prices for the op1 and opz here in Australia at official retailers. Price went from $999 AUD to $1300 AUD for the Z and $1900 to $2600 for the op1. Was like that for a year or so and I think since has come down slightly again. Even though the MSRP in TEs website has remained the same

I asked retailers on eBay and one of them told me he has to wait months to get a re-stock of sold OP-Z. Does it mean TE stops to manufacture it? Maybe this is the answer? Did someone tried to buy OP-Z at official store recently? Were there any problems?

The world is still in the grip of a global pandemic and manufacture of almost all items has taken a hit of some sort over the last year.

It’s hardly running about in hysterics time…

The price had actually gone up officially now, it is $650, although right now you can only get it in a bundle with the case to help the sting I guess? Lol

It’s gone down at Amazon UK to a far more sensible £389.

I mean at TE, stores are different they have stocks of old units to sell and price accordingly. At TE it is $650, and $700 with the case.

I just recognized that and are selling the OP-Z for 499€ right now.
I’m pretty sure it was around 549€ just before that. I’ve never seen the OP-Z für 499€ before and those are some of the biggest players. It seems to be a permanent price drop.
A daring thesis: The shops already know more and want to empty their warehouses. TE themselves are currently raising the price in order to disguise an increased prices for the successor model that’s Hopefully soon to come.
While the brutal truth probably is: It doesn’t mean a damn thing :sweat_smile:

BTW: Is there any information concerning the sales figures of the OP-Z? Did it become a modern classic like the OP-1? Or is it hard for shops to sell their units? I have absolutely no feeling for that…