Price increases. Why?

Hi, just bought OP-1 and thinking of OP-Z.
And noticed an oddness. Last week the old US eBay seller that used to sell it brand new for 550 with offers increased the price up to 1000. I asked why but received no reply as usual (he never answered).
Today I noticed the new listing with open box for 750. As well US seller.
I may realise the strange prices from foreign sellers (Japan especially). But I can’t understand how they sell it here in US twice higher than the official price.
Maybe I don’t know anything? The same as OP-1 two years ago?

Because EBAY. You can still buy it from a real store/company for the original price.

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Do you mean it’s a local madness of two sellers and not the tendency?

Straight from TE it’s showing as £529, roughly $722. Four months ago I paid about £480 from a shop in the UK which is roughly $655. $1000 is too much!

The official US price is $599 never changed.

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They jacked up the prices for the op1 and opz here in Australia at official retailers. Price went from $999 AUD to $1300 AUD for the Z and $1900 to $2600 for the op1. Was like that for a year or so and I think since has come down slightly again. Even though the MSRP in TEs website has remained the same