Printable up to date manual?

HI. I’ve just bought an op-1 and I want to learn how to use it but I find that user guide provided by TE not very comfortable. Right now it’s very sunny here and it’s hard to stare at the laptop and try to recognize what’s written on that dark background. And the Sun outside makes it almost impossible to see. And I cannot find a pdf in English. I see only the Japanese one. And as far as I know they can change many things with every operating system upgrade so I do not want to download an old manual which does not include those innovations from other sites. So can you help me to find the one I need?

I emailed TE a couple months ago asking that they provide a PDF of the 2.0 manual, and they responded that they would consider it. However since then: crickets.

Ok. Thanks. I’ve just found a series of videos showing how to use it. I think it is actually much more comfortable.

Sigh. Do you think the old manual will help with the basic. I’m completely in the dark about this machine

@sephsrot - yes - the old manual covers most of what you need. The new manual covers the additional features, delivered with the latest firmware, however, these were add-ons which do not change the fundamental way you operate the machine.


Hi all - for anyone following this thread, wanted you guys to know I made a PDF version of the manual. Enjoy: