Problem loading synth engines

So I decided to remove some of the engines and sample packages I’m not using that often from the keyboard yesterday, did that for every track. I used the app to do it, must say I’m on Android. Today I’m having problems with loading back 2 of the engines - Analog and Organ. There’s an Icon above both of them saying NEW and I cant seem to load them back on whichever track. Suggestions? Thanks

They keep disappearing, today the drum set just stoped playing, when I’m on the second preset it plays but when i go at the first it just doesn’t produce any sound. I tried loading other sample packs there as well but it still doesn’t work. I guess I’ll factory reset it and just return the product. It’s a great idea but there are so many bugs…

Make sure you update the firmware to the latest version. The same thing happened to me with the older OS but the firmware update fixed that issue.