Problems syncing Octatrack with Microgranny 2.3


I´ve been struggling to sync my Octatrack with the Microgranny (2.3 OS/chip here). It doesn´t appear to be receiving any MIDI note. Selected the first pad/channel 1 turning on the MG and selected channel 1 as the Auto Ch at the OT without any success. What are you doing to sync it? After synced, the arpeggio of the Octatrack works with the Microgranny?

Thanks a lot!

i haven’t really tried to hook up my MG via midi lately, but i know it works.

i vaguely remember reading something about how the midi notes didn’t work on certain versions?

if u go on their site, the latest firmware 2.5, says something about fixing the midi notes. maybe u are just not triggering the right midi notes? have u tried all the notes up and down the scale 0-127? or maybe u need to update to 2.5?

its supposed to be the lowest 6 notes, 1 for each of the “big” buttons, and then somewhere in the middle for the tuned playing of samples where u have turn “tuned” param on for whatever samples u want to spread out chromatically.

@aeoner If I understand correctly what you’re saying, OT is configured to RECEIVE incoming MIDI notes on channel 1.
What you want in reality is a Midi track that sends information on channel 1.
For this, switch to Midi tracks, select e.g. Track 1, double tap playback button and set your track to channel 1.
If you set your OT Auto channel to 16 for instance, playing from a keyboard set to send notes to channel 16 will enable you to record midi notes on the Midi track that is selected on OT.
So you have to be on OT Midi page + select the right Misi track for the time you’re recording Midi input in the OT.

Once this part is done, configure the knobs to send CC signals : you’ll be able to plock CC sends and this is much fun :smiley: