Programming OP-1's sequencer via MIDI?

Is there any way to program the OP-1’s sequencer via MIDI? By this I mean, the OP-1 has no way to save your current sequence for later recall, and I was trying to find a workaround. I was able to play my sequence into a MIDI recording app on my iPhone. Then I was able to play the MIDI file back into into my OP-1, and it triggered all the drums exactly the way it was supposed to, however if I hold down SHIFT as if I was going to program the sequencer using the OP-1’s keyboard, it does nothing. The drums still trigger but it doesn’t interpret that as keypresses to sequence. Is the OP-1 just not capable of this?

tl;dr how can I save and recall sequences, even if I have to use outboard gear? (aside from just recording the actual audio - i want to keep the midiness and be able to edit it again on the op1)

That is a pain.I was hoping on doing this myself.I will try -and then get back to you on a later date.

unfortunately, u can't program the sequencers via midi.

midi is only for live play. i believe you can trigger the sequences w/ midi too.

you could play your op1 via the midi sequences then record to tape.

sometimes i wish i could save more sequences or do some kind of dump like u are saying, but overall, it kinda keeps it fresh that u have to keep using the allotted space. destroy, rebuild. u know. like that nas song. the op1 is refreshing in many ways like this if u choose to see it as the sky and not the clouds.

Agreed.Kraftwerk done alright without memory during those 70s.