Projecting Display screen?

YO! I am new here, and so stoked to explore the universe of the OP-1.
I am just curious if anyone can confirm whether or not it would be possible to project the visuals of the display.

The DNA synth engine would just be so cool to see bigger.

the op-1 has no video output. That is the kind of thing the op-z does.

You could rig up a camera with an overhead view of the synth and screen like all the top down youtube videos.

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make a little cardboard box that fits around the screen with a mirror at the top at 45 degree angle, that should project onto a wall in front of you. it’ll need ot be fairly dark.

before video projectors existed, people used put a cardboard tube in front of a tv to make it project — it works better than you might imagine.


Check this out. I have no clue how he does all this but it looks amazing.


I saw this an was amazed lol. I think it was made from scratch in something like blender3d but the flat laters look like regular pics with screen overlay maybe. Its dope whatever they did 100


I did something with an old iphone : the rear camera of the iphone is above the op1 screen, the iphone is plugged with a lightning to hdmi converter to a picoprojector and tadaaaa !

The projector is sending the screen of the iphone, which is what is appearing on the camera so… the op1 display.


You could setup a Document Camera like many classrooms have for displaying on separate projectors. I see some on amazon for $99-200. Essentially a webcam on a stick.

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