Projects automatically copied over each other? 😭

Just discovered a worrying bug…
I use the op-z as an audio sketchbook and use each pattern as its own idea. All of my patterns are full, so when I want to make a new one I delete my least favorite pattern and start a new one in that slot.
Today I discovered that a bunch of my patterns were copied across several projects, I’ve essentially lost whatever I had in those since my last backup earlier this week. Projects 1-7 seem to have become duplicates, each with their own bpm.
I’m wondering if I somehow pressed the keys for pattern duplication accidentally. Have noticed also when pressing some keys on the right side of the keyboard, sometimes play and record will activate on their own.
Back up your stuff folks! :sweat_smile:

I’ve had a couple of “oh shit” moments using the wrong copy/paste function. Not sure if that’s what happened to you, but I’ve found it happens pretty damn easily for myself. Times like that I really wish the z had an undo button. On the other hand, it makes me embrace the opportunity to create something new (once I get over the sadness).


also snapshots come very handy in this situations

Yes, I love the snapshot feature - often use it when entering a bunch of punch in effects to individual tracks, since you can’t remove them individually from the performance track. In this case I wasn’t sure when the last snapshot was and what I would lose if I went back to it.
In the end I just reloaded my last pc backup and didn’t lose too many new patterns.
I’m hoping they implement iOS backups though, I always have my phone handy but usually leave my Mac at home.