I think I have never known a group of disparate people who have made a better family. This is why I dove right in and made sure we continued. I would like to thank you all and I am glad we found each other again.


Ha ha, you know we are all going to be a bit weird as we have all paid a lot of money for something we don’t need and absolutely love it!!!

We need a place like this to feel normal, so thank you for keeping one alive :slight_smile:

THX dimi3. it feels right. iam going to marry this forum.

certainly a rather bright corner of the interwebz! thanks so much everyone.
I totally like the lack of hysteria if one goes off a tangent and I love peoples passion about music here.

fuck. you. all.

lol kidding of course.

@dimi3 : Yeah, it’s a great place, and you play no small part in making it so great. Thanks for all the tips and advice, thanks for making sure ohpeewon got a rebirth!

Yes thank you @dimi3 for this top resource. lol @GrainBastard.

Who needs facebook?

Thanks dimi3 for holding the flag!

here! here!

This was not suppose to be about me! This was a thank you to you all your community sense is the best thank you!

But Thanks! I didn’t do this alone.

Well, you don’t maintain it, alone, but you did built us a wonderful new home to hang out in, and for that we are all grateful! Cheers to you and the community.

I’m also bloody proud of this community. A forum where people genuinely help, inform eachother and the occasional happy banter. There are no flame wars and no distasteful discussions. All positive people with a similar goal of making awesome music inspired by this quirky little synth and brought together and sheltered by this awesome forum.

To the ppl who do not quite realize it, a forum where there is 0% shitty and disrespectfull discussions is a bloody miracle on the internet (hope I didn’t jinx it).

Today I was jamming with a fellow Operator in a park in Zurich. But wait!.. I am not from Zurich, not even from Switzerland for that matter. I just happened to come to Switzerland for my holiday. Thanks to this forum, thanks to operators being operators (if you get what I mean) and especially thanks to this forum it was possible for a totally random Dutch guy to have a jam with another random guy in Switzerland. How awesome is that?!? To an outsider it is indeed some random occurrence, but to me it is an inevitable outcome of this community.

It bares repeating “This forum is awesome”. And a forum is a direct reflection of it’s members… I should rather say that we are an awesome comunity

Now we wait for the first Operator-1 marriage… Though I suspect that if there would be one, it would be a gay marriage (it’s all good, I ain’t judgin). I call shotgun for the first song on the wedding!!!
Though… Where them female operators at!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

Aaanyway I’m drifting a bit off topic here. To all dudes and dudettes here… tnx for being.

Lol @Erhenius. @Johnnyego mentioned marriage too.
I’m not usually up for dating sites but for this one I maybe game for a laugh…we’ll have OP to talk about.I can imagine a girl OP user being very popular on this site.Do we need a new thread?
Maybe not.

Please don’t scare off any prospective members by even the possibility of being assaulted by leg humpers :stuck_out_tongue:

We did have an Olivia on the old forum, but it doesn’t seem like they made it over here. Speaking of, it’s now reduced to an ad site with links to all sorts of crap based on your ad/cookies/etc.

What a sad death.

I echo (in a sort of OP-1 Delay style) the sentiments here. It’s a great forum and I think it’s testament to the greatness of the OP-1 that it attracts such a fine crowd.

Respect to @KrisM also for the part you’ve played (you may not want me todo this but I am anyway), I know you’ve been an element on pulling levers ,making this happen.Plus anyone else behind the scenes not mentioned and ofcorse all of you guys out there.

Here here! @Spheric_El @KrisM deserves much respect!

lol thanks guys.