Psychedelic groove to the mothership

I was out in the wilderness and was jamming with some friends one night (OP-1 is worth the price just for that reason lol) and used my phone to capture the most perfect sample of the band Lifetones (ex This Heat circa 1983). We seriously just listened to that perfect loop for an hour while we did other shit. Got home and basically did the same thing by myself, just getting stoned and riffing on the OP-1 and recorded it… Hope you enjoy :slight_smile:

Jaguars by infiniteclockworkmachines | Free Listening on SoundCloud

Nice. Perfect road trip music.

Is this OP-1 only? (I know it’s possible, I’m just wondering if you went down that road)

edit: Nice sound!

Thanks! Yep, that is all on OP-1. I honestly do not mess around with anything else anymore :slight_smile:

Oh, I absolutely love this. The fact that you pulled it all off on an OP-1 is going to have me really spending some time with mine now.