Punk, Acid, Punk

Love the combination of PO-12 with the Fuzz Factory.


Oh, sounds good! Long time was thinking what SFX pedal to grab – and this sounds amazing!

It is awesome!
I’m also experimenting with the Hotone xtomp, which is an incredible modeller.
Currently I have a gorgeous little delay creating all sorts of sounds.
Earlier it was a ring mod.

Would be great to see more of your jam video were u use / experiment with SFX pedals. When you have next jam, please record (film) it.

Yesterday ordered a Fat Fuse factory pedal. As i understood that its the same as u use, but only have toggle switch, which makes it oscillate with a lot of low frequencies. Unfortunately the Fat Fuse Factory pedal i bought is a clone, but It was almost 4 times cheaper (55 Eur) and with good reviews. Hope it works well. Will update you with a jam video when i receive the pedal.

Thanks :slight_smile:
Will do.
Hey I’m sure your pedal will sound awesome. Get dirty!!

That was really fun to watch. Cool how you got the squelch!

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I’ve seen several doctors about that, but apparently the squelch happens at my age, and you just have to sit in it.

Oo ouch-sorry for your predicament :laughing: