Question: keep a sound plug active when swtiching pattern

Hello there. Just got the OP-Z and… I have a newbie question. If I choose a sound plug in one pattern, when I change to another pattern, the sound plug selection does not “follow” (ie I must choose the sound plug again). Is there a way to keep the selection from one pattern to the other?

Thanks for your help

Not really. You’d have to select that plug again. What I typically do is copy my pattern and edit from there.

Another thing you can do is press P + shift + shift to copy the settings of your current pattern to another pattern. It will copy the plugs and setting of all the tracks to the pattern you select.


Thank you for the answer. That’s a bummer. I will go the copy/paste route, then. Are you able to do copy and then paste to all the other patterns at once? I mean, not having to reselect the pattern to copy and then paste it, one pattern at a time?

Once you you have copied something you can paste it as many times as you want to as many patterns as you want inside the same project. I think that if you change project, you lose what you copied though.