Questions regarding voice input

I got my OP-1 just a week ago. Love it so far, but I have a few questions regarding voice input. Here we go…

Vocoder - I know this has been asked before. I have read those old threads but I just want to ask whether anyone has managed to get something similar to a vocoder effect lately. There are so many ways you can affect parameters with voice input. The number of combinations is overwhelming.

Tweaking voices - So if I want to spend a track on singing, without revealing my true voice, are there any tips on how to tweak the sound without sounding too ridiculous? I want to remain anonymous while still sounding fairly normal.

Record directly - Ignoring the tweaking part above, how do I record my voice onto a track without going through the sampler? I’m happy to use the built-in microphone for now.


you‘ll receive the answer when asking the OP-1.

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I’m also interested

Tricky questions it seems.

After playing some more I’m guessing that I can record from the input source (or built in mic) by just opening up the input channel (top right corner) and then record normally, but I haven’t tried it yet.

u already got it dude.
u can record straight to tape (or album) from input
by engaging the input with the microphone button
and then recording to wherever as u normally would
shift + microphone allows u to select different input sources too.
(radio, ear, line input//microphone)

u can use the effects to mangle your voice, prolly even get some vocoding like tones.
phone, cwo come to mind first.
u can also mess with pitching by resampling from tape or album
back to tape or to drum // synth sampler by using ear function
and recording at different tape speeds, shit like that.
get creative, use the tools available. theres plenty to go around