Questions to Tp-7 owners

  • Is there a way to immediately play whatever is recorded?
    Meaning that it would go straight back to the starting point of the recording. (for practice purposes)
    just by releasing the fast record button maybe ? The idea is that I’d like to avoid pushing stop+play each time.
    Otherwise does pressing the stop button take you at this very last recording starting point ?

  • Going further with the same idea, is there possibly even a looping feature?

Any idea what other device could do that immediate replay thing otherwise? (not a phone app)

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Another question for the TP-7 owners out (t)here.

The most unique feature this recorder has over nearly everything else out there is single-button instant record. (If you know of something I don’t, please share.)

But what if you begin a good recording and want it to keep going but you need to do something else? Is there anything you can do to keep it going while letting go? What I’ve imagined and would add if I was designing it:

  • Turn the power knob, if it’s already on keep recording.
  • The rec light turns red.
  • The reel starts spinning if enabled.

Does this work, or any other way?

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nope. you have to hit stop+play to play back the last recording. you can sort of hit both buttons with one finger at the same time, but it’s not exactly what you want it to be.

pressing stop while recording does take you back to the start of the recording you just made. you can set the playback mode to loop in the tp-7’s settings, so it will loop once you press play.

any looper guitar pedal will do this (boss rc-1, tc electronics ditto). the tape on the op-1 will do this. ableton, octatrack, lots of things.

nope! :joy: this is the answer to most “does it do ____?” tp-7 questions.

that would make too much sense. you can turn the unit on while recording a memo, but none of the buttons do anything until you let go of the memo button.


Classic this is the answer. Still surprised they haven’t shipped a playback looping update yet, especially after the TX-6 got it.

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