Quick n simple recording for YT / IG / #jamuary ...?


How are you all doing it, where you have decent line-in quality audio with your video? Especially to be doing 1-a-day for #jamuary ?

I want to be able to go OP-Z -> headphone splitter -> into TRRS breakout -> into iPad Air 2 or Android / TRRS plugin. The headphone splitter at then OP-Z gets my headphones for monitoring.
However… IG and the camera app just records my external mic, not the mic in. I’m new to iOS. But Android seems to be doing the same. Only thing I can think is I’m using a stereo cable into the mic in.

I know I could record into my Zoom while also recording video, and then edit/sync them together, down to 1min, and then load into IG and then post… but who has time for that?! And how clunky iOS is, I’m not even sure that would work. Would rather just record straight into the app…

I’m already on the road (train, actually), so not much ability to get new stuff. Any advice highly appreciated, but also just curious about what you’re all doing on the other side of the screen!


I am holding my phone and playing the OP-1 through an amp so it’s loud and clear. Last year I did it with the OP-1 speaker and while it was not ideal, it got the job done ?

The iphone expects a trrs cable going in. If you are plugging a stereo mini-jack into the phone it won’t work.


@jesiah i‘m using the iRig 2 to record. It comes with an app to record sound or video with sound. You can plug in your headphones to monitor.

It even records the sound when you doing it directly in instagram for example.


I use a cheapomatic usb audio interface going into the CCK. Like TRRS, it’s mono input, but Instagram is mono output. B010N8UP6C on Amazon, obscenely cheap. I use ProMovie to record because it has an audio input level indicator, and allows to control input level. Enjoy!


Last year I was using my phone a line6 sonic port, but now, I connect my sound card directly to my Fuji digital camera.


Screen recording the iOS stuff is the simplest but for the T.E. stuff I have been doing it the clunky way - zoom h4 + clips synced in final cut pro. Also, for the OP-1 stuff, I just use the little album to record the 2 track and sync that. That way I can use the fx and master comp.


For the Zoom recorders, you could also use the USB Audio Interface option when plugging into the iPhone. This way, videos will record the Zoom audio rather than the iPhone mic audio so you might be able to skip the editing step.


With the iRig it is also possible to control the input level, inside the app or with the controls on the device itself.


Thanks, everyone for the replies!
I’m a little befuddled there’s not a way to just do it with the mic/line/trrs input. I have in the past recorded directly onto my Android (line in or microphone with an XLR to 3.5mm adapter) using the Hi-Q MP3 recorder app, with mostly great results. Not surprised iOS doesn’t support this basic function in their archaic software.
I’ll look into the options listed, though. Some day.


was struggling with ti for some time (TRRS splitter went down after 3 uses), finally i started to record audio and video separately, then mix in imovie :confused: