random Japanese records


I’m planning on making mystery packages of 5 random 45rpm records and a handful of weird candy from Japan.

Wondering if any one would be interested. The idea is to ask people to send tracks they’ve made with the samples too.



It’s a great idea.


I’m keen as


Of course, nice idea!


hell yes


I’m certainly interested






I would be more than delighted to make some tunes out of random Japanese 45s, great idea!


I’d get one, just for the candy :wink:


Wicked : )


Great idea! Definitely want one :slight_smile:


Sure, bring it on!


Sounds cool. Im in.


Great idea !


That’s a really nice idea!


Love this idea - definitely interested!


Thanks for the interest peeps. I’ll take a batch of 5 and see how much average shipping will be.

What are your opinions on pricing? I want to make it cheap while still making it worth the time and effort of sourcing, wrapping and candy costs. There will be a zine or an art print in each packet also.
Was thinking 2000yen which i think right now is 17.7 usd or 13 gbp.



here’s my most recent awesome find