Rearranging dbox or sample based drum kits isn't working

I have found the strangest bug on my original OP-1.

  • Load a dbox drum kit
  • Press any key e.g. c and while holding press lift to copy the sound from that key
  • Press any other key e.g. d and while holding press drop to paste the sound onto that new key

As expected, the sound on the c key copies to d. This can be confirmed by pressing c and then d, they should both create the same sound. But the bug comes when reloading the patch later.

  • Hold preset number 1 to save the preset in the snapshot folder.
  • After the snapshot has saved, press shift and 1, then select and load any other preset or snapshot.
  • Then press shift and 1 once more, and then re-select the new shapshot we created above after rearranging the sounds.

The quirk is that the sounds are back in their original positions, from before lifting and dropping c to d, even though the snapshot was created after they were reorganised. As if the new positions aren’t being correctly stored in the snapshot?

I’m also seeing this issue if I reboot the OP-1 completely instead of switching to a different patch and back. It happens with sample based kits as well as dbox.

I’ve tried holding COM, starting the OP-1 and then running through upload firmware, factory reset and format drive too. None of them have helped.

Am I alone here? Can anyone please try and reproduce this bug and tell me I’m not crazy or that I don’t have a defective unit? I’m worried I’m going to have to return mine :frowning: but if everyone is experiencing this same issue maybe TE can release a fix.

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