Recent issues with TE


Thats bad luck i guess.


My PO-12 shuts down when the volume is set above 6.
My OP-1 T3 button works erratically.

I would like to send them for repair because I absolutely love both devices.
But the automated answer is all I received so far.


If people didn’t invest in their products they hardly could do devices they want to :slight_smile:


sorry to hear, buddy.
TE not great at making happy customers right now…


Is it true, that the collect sportscars in theor office? You can google pictures of that. If so, cashflow doesn‘t seem to be the problem. :wink:


Blockquote but you know what you like!! :laughing:


I know what I like and it is not this

Another request for info sent at the beginning of this week. Nothing. Not a thing. They’ve had my OP-1 for a month and nothing. Nothing. Not a thing. Nothing. Does that not bother you?

There’s a difference between bad service and being pissed on your face


Here’s today’s reply

I am a polite and courteous person. I give people respect and understanding. But you are really just telling me you don’t care.

This support call 103318 was logged on January the 3rd. The issue occurred during the Xmas period but I held off until the end for some misguided reason people may not want to bother with this stuff during the holiday times.

No response.

On the 10th of January I asked for an update. Nothing

On the 18th of January I asked for another, Nothing.

On the 24th I issued a new support call asking for this to be replied to. I got a big sorry for the delay and telling me how to request a RMA. I did that on the 25th

Again nothing.

28th I log another support call pointing to this one. I get a response. Hoorah. On the 29th I send the device back to you.

On the 5th of February I noted that the device was awaiting collection from you, I was worried why it had not been delivered, Again, no response. Nothing.

On the 6th I asked again. Nothing.

On the 7th I sent a new support call - worried it would be just returned to me as you had done nothing with me. I got the following response.

I get the following

“”"Hey Ian

Thanks for reaching out. The unit just got to ICA on Feb 4th and we pick up packages once a week.
Rest assure that we will pick it up and contact you once we’ve processed the RMA.

Have a lovely day!

Best regards,

I can see it was collected. And then … guess what ? Nothing.

On the 11th of March I asked for another update. Reply so far? Nothing.

I am now YET AGAIN asking for an update. You’ve not confirmed you’ve received it. You’ve not confirmed what the issue is. You’ve not confirmed how much it will cost. You’ve not confirmed when it could be returned.

I do not want another email saying “HAVE A LOVELY DAY”. If the company you are talking to just ignores you that makes for NOT a lovely day Communicate with your customers. Don’t just give me a stick response. It’s nearly three months to handle a simple repair request and you’ve given me nothing apart from non responses and glib replies.

Do you think I am being unreasonable?

Is anybody there who cares?

Best regards

Ian Cottee


Oh snap, I guess I misunderstood the post. Hope something turns around soon, best of luck.


I do care AND WILL KEEP posting all these garbage responses wherever i can…unfortunately they delete them after a while…but i keep doing it…The only thing i suggest is you go to all the TE forumsop1, opz, 400 modular subscribe and keep posting them…


good job! and keep it up…I try my best too to report on the “service” that I receive.


In case anybody hasn’t seen this trainwreck…now of course it’s the customers fault, that the PSU are failing :slight_smile: but thanks to the TE they will soon get some wall plugs for us, get your wallets ready boys!!!

PS: I recommend everybody with bad experiences about their customer service comments on the video. At least they will get a notification about it and maybe read some of it.



Call them by phone.


Too bad people do not understand the obvious ,in case of the battery pack. Insert it with the plastic side , instead of the metal to metal.
Use the brains it is what they are for :wink:


I think it was just bad design on TEs part. You shouldn’t expect customers to see that it could short out if placed the wrong way.


If there was one doubt that these people are at least extremely iccompetent, well that small doubt has gone down the drain
Today, after 3 days of thecso called help videos , they desided to respond to some comments. It is obviously automated or the replies. are written from someone of an iq about 0.08
Comment: how to , how to…coudnt you have provided at least a power adaptor?? …cheap…very cheap…
Reply: you are right. We want it to be as low cost as possible without compromising quality…



There was one Lamborghini Countach in their first place in Södermalm many years ago. Well, let’s call it a “collection”.


What issues did you have with your OP-1 and how long did it take them to respond to your support ticket ?

My issue is that I can no longer get to the boot menu so I can’t Factory Reset or load new firmware

This only started recently. I had no problems doing any of this until the I tried to update to the latest firmware. That’s when I noticed I couldn’t

Anyhow I submitted a support ticket 6 weeks ago now and so far I haven’t received anything in response. My patience is running thin. As soon as they agree to fix my OP-1, I’ll be selling it as quickly as possible


One “theory” is that the boot flash contents get corrupted for some reason. That is not supposed to happen that easily, flash memory has a retention period on the order of decades, although it varies according to environment conditions, like temperature, background radiation, etc. Anyway, once that happens only TE can fix it (either replace the main board or reflash it). It may be some quality issue on a batch of OP-1s, but we could never confirm that based on the few reports we had here.


And so it came to pass, three months and 7 days after posting my original support call, two and half months since shipping it - it has been returned and fixed.

I phoned them last Friday. Nobody in support was available, receptionist listened to my story (told calmly and politely). Heard nothing then Tuesday I got a bill for the repairs. Within an hour or paying I got a shipping notification.

It’s as good as new. For my troubles I got some OP-Z stickers with it. Hooray.

Here endedth the sorry saga. As it’s in such good condition and I’ve now bought an OP-Z I’m even considering selling it it … but … but … but …