Recording/Sampling Modes

Watched a few YouTubes this week on sampling, thanks Zulu Monk & Thomas White!, But I’m super confused having tried out some sampling tonight on the OP.

So I have the radio going and see the press key to sample graphic. Sometimes I press a key and get a green standby graphic, sometimes it goes straight to red is recording graphic.

What triggers either and what should i do when I see the standby, I can’t seem to find it in the manual and how I arrive at the two screens seems random.


Sounds like maybe it’s the sampling threshold level. It starts sampling automatically (after pressing key) once the level hits the specified threshold volume (set by far right knob if memory serves…). If the volume is already above the threshold then when you hit a key it will start sampling instantly.

Thanks, but the radio is playing constantly and the orange level is above the white trigger marker all the time.

Edit: @callofthevoid I think you were probably right, it must have been clipping slightly hence the green standby screen. It was a beer fuelled Saturday night sampling sesh.