Recording staying on the page you are on?

Hi guys,

Maybe i’m doing it wrong. Let’s say i’m on drums and I want to record - just randomly and for no reason - changing the pitch. Am I wrong in thinking that to record changes say to a drum in a loop, I hit record on tape and while i’m playing switch to the drum page and then I can tweak things? Why can’t I be on the drum page, hit record and then record away?

The behavior introduces a stage that just complicates things for the user. If i’m in a synth engine and hit record, I should be able to record from that page not have it take me back to the tape to start the process. But maybe i’m in error?

mmhh yeah you should be able to start recording while on another page, try pressing record and play when on another page

edit : i mean (rec+play)
just like you can press play when on another page

Another way to do this is to “arm” the track for recording with Shift+Rec. Switch to Drum or Synth & when ready, press play and recording will start!

i use this all the time if i want to do pitch bends in the synth soon after starting recording…


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yea arming record is hte ticket ^^

when u do this, recording can also be started by pressing a key on the keyboard

Thanks guys

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