Recording video w/ direct sound from OP-1

I’m trying to figure out how to record videos (for instagram etc.) of my tracks from my OP-1 but using the raw audio coming from the OP, as opposed to using the mic on the iphone to record from a speaker etc. I have access to an iRig, do I need an audio interface on the phone? I’d love to be able to just record the video straight to phone using the audio from the OP as i’m just trying to post my stuff, as opposed to getting into a DAW or something.

Any help here would be amazing.

If the iRig has lightning out for the audio, the camera app should use that as it’s audio source. I’ve used an Apogee Jam to do this for years.

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The irig 2 works like a charm. IK Multimedia iRig 2 Mobile Guitar Interface, Black

You’ll need some adaptors from large to 3.5mm

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Thanks guys!! Appreciate the input.

Is the audio coming into the Jam converted to mono or is the jam stereo? I have one and didn’t think about using it for this…

Unfortunately, it’s converted to mono. Still pretty good sound quality for instagram videos though.

Until I get a better system, I’m thinking about using the usb audio interface feature to record the audio into DAW and just sync it to video with iMovie or something. I just have to figure out how to make a marker to sync the audio with the video. One thing I didn’t know is I can record my iPhone screen onto my MBP and use the op-z usb audio as the input for the video. The only downside is you can see the controls for the iPhone throughout the video, but the sound quality is great. Guess it just depends upon how desperate I am to make a video. At this point I’m better off watching other people’s tutorials and learning the op-z. There are enough videos out there at the moment. I’ll just make some music.

Here’s one I just did but I forgot to hook up the reverb tank. Dictaphone is playing a recording I made from the 4th of July. Radio station is coming from the Koma Field Kit. OP-Z audio is being transmitted over FM to the OP-1 which is looping a backwards recording of my ukulele pitched way down. Everything is being sent through the Field Kit FX and back into the Field Kit. Somehow, I need to let the Zoia join the party soon.


Nice. Really love how wonky it is. That field kit thing looks great. Yet another thing to go on the wish list… :man_facepalming:

What I’m most excited about is the fm transmitter. No more hum when trying to get sound from op-z to op-1. I’m about to try it with a guitar…