Release Date

September just ended, which means that TE did not match the first proposal of a Launch Date (September 2017). We saw it coming, specially when 'September ’ shifted to ‘Late’. And oh man this is ambitious, OP-Z is as little as your cellphone and can perform some pretty odd things…[while keeping it’s retail price for less than his older brother]

In any case, I have not herd of official news relating to the product release, but it would be nice to discuss this topic in a more structured way where anyone who is interested may get some info about it.

#ems is a very tempting pool of info now that the calendar is updated:

This workshops may leek new info on the ‘OP-Z’ new features, or even put a few of the Beta models for the public to try (like the one Cuckoo so ‘push’-‘swift’-‘buum’ previewed ‘squash’).

Any knowledge on ‘how good’ TE is at accomplishing product deadlines? (although ‘Late’ doesn’t sound like it)

Can most of the newly introduced features be aligned to this year? (like Unity3D integration for which I’m spectacularly urgent to try).

On the back side. AS OF 04/09/17 [not on a US calendar] No press release…

Ok, so let’s get talking.