Remove velcro hoops

any ideas how to store the fluffy velcro hoops once removed? I really don‘t like them and know they will get filthy if I leave them, but don‘t want do throw the away…

Sticking them to their partners should work. Personally I removed my other halves from their perforated sheet, without exposing the adhesive by removing the paper, and stuck them to the attached loops. So now I have paper lumps in lieu of fuzzy ones. We’ll see how long it lasts but it seems good for now.

how easy were they to peel off the OP-1f? pics?

looks like they would be destroyed by removing, so I stopped. I‘ll remove them, once they turn filthy.

Have to say, I think is was a terrible design idea.

Aesthetically the OP-1F looks superb and the velcro seems such a bizarre addition.

I have to admit that I am biased - I have always hated velcro :slight_smile:


me too, especially the sound. It might be ok for the moon, but here on earth it is very unpleasant.

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I don’t like it. But I have an excellent idea for it when my Field arrives :slight_smile:

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anyone tried to remove them yet?

Yeah, someone on Reddit did cleanly. Took them a while apparently.

A classic trick with removing phone battery adhesive is using a hairdryer, I imagine those hoops are similarly adhered, might be worth a shot!

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