Replacing Factory Presets

I know this was discussed on the custom firmware thread, but has anybody actually tried replacing the stock presets using the pack/unpack utility to use their own presets?

I’d like to have more samples to work with by replacing some of the factory presets.


I don’t think that’s possible

@TabascoEye , do you know about this?

@wavi , with your firmware re-packer ( do you know if anyone has tried removing some of the bundled firmware presets and if this would allow you to include more custom samples to get around the current low limit?

@daedalus1115 I haven’t done it or heard of anyone else doing it. Removing the factory presets might not give you any extra space but replacing them with your custom presets should work.

The only problem is that they’re not in the same format as the normal presets. They’re .raw files and the synth parameters and drum slices are defined in the database. It should be possible convert an .aif to .raw and copy the preset settings from the .aif into the database.