Roland Boutique - interviews...

For me, the definitive GAS killer for these Boutique synths was the fact that I cannot use the Octatrack to MIDI-control them (or can I ?)

Otherwise, I think I would have bought the JU-06 for its marvellous Chorus :smiley:

I’m able to control the Boutiques just fine via MIDI using my old Casio CZ 5000 keyboard. And I can control all the Boutique params via a WebMIDI app.


@LyingDalai I MIDI control mine if I have to using my iPad and an app called TB MIDI Stuff. There is a JU06 editor for that and you can assign Midi CCs to each of the parameters.

@KingsCountyLightHaus "a VST in a box" - you can use that argument with any synth relying on DSP. The value in non analogue hardware like the boutiques is the form factor and user interface (as well as taking CPU strain away from your computer). I can sit on my sofa with my JU06 and a pair of headphones and design patches without cables linking my midi controller / audio interface with my laptop, not to mention all the faff of optimising the performance of your computer. As for the accuracy of the modelling, I've never owned a Juno but if it's good enough for Nick Batt it's good enough for me.


check this out…you can hide most of the light with some new knobs…

i saw this on the german forum..
If it helps, the Jupiter 8 and Juno 60 didn't have MIDI. :-)


It does. I guess that I’m bitching more about the state and general trend of hardware development as of late. TE gets it right, but then everyone is doing miniaturized rehashes of older engines. Like I said, I’d rather have neither, tbh. I like my elektron boxes, my technics 12’s and my OP. They aren’t trying to be anything but themselves, and I have a hang up about performing with computers (Now that I think of it I usually avoid MIDI unless it’s crucial).

I mean, half my gear is from like 1998 or before. I do a mixed 2-3 hour set of originals and I’m just starting to strip down. I could never sequence it all or use a DAW, I wouldn’t want to. I’m a dinosaur. And dinosaurs are set in their ways, I guess. My loss, but them lights look cool in the dark.

Lol I hear you .
I’m pre historic, a bit of a philistine.

Infact your place is more compact than mine.Looks similar though.

For me, the definitive GAS killer for these Boutique synths was the fact that I cannot use the Octatrack to MIDI-control them
It's official : Boutique synths can now receive incoming CC. My GAS shield is now hot smoke... Thx @AdamJay for the info.

Updated mine last night.
FYI, the update now means you can configure them so that they can still be powered by their batteries whilst USB is plugged in.


So happy! These are going to sit nicely with the OT… Oh yes!!

Btw… Which one of the three do you guys prefer, and why ?

@LyingDalai I like them all, if I had to choose it would be JP08, JX03, JU06 but since they are much much cheaper than the original machines (which I always loved) owning all 3 is guilt free for me :slight_smile:

The JX and JP are more versatile than the JU, but the JU has that sound. One thing to be aware is not to have the volume all the way up or they can distort on certain patches, I don’t know if the update fixed this or not as have not tested yet.

Btw... Which one of the three do you guys prefer, and why ?

Hello mate!

Nicely said @darenager! The JU definitely has that ‘sound’ and it is a beast. When I jam I don’t put it through any effects. I am completely happy with it on its own. The ‘chorus’ is beautiful and the ‘noise’ sound when used with the filter and ADSR can carve brilliant percussive sounds and sound fx from a zap happy lazer gun.

Having said that, when I run my JP through a bunch of effects I can happily spend as much time on it. The pads are sublime. Before running it through those I had tried to part exchange it for a Sub 37. Something I have never considered with my JU.

The JU wins it for me straight off the bat anyway due to its superb square wave bass that is used in Grime - a beloved genre of mine. I’d never sell it. I love it’s simplicity.

I’d love to try the JX at some point too but I’ve got enough music making things!

I hope that helped you @LyingDalai :slight_smile:

You guys beat me to it. Having all three is a privilege, and provides a great toolkit of sounds for every occasion at a small price and small footprint. They are also very well thought out in terms of the areas of commonality of operation between them, but yet allowing the divergence of style and sound and the similarity of each to its originals. Beautifully made and supported too.


Thx for the feedback :slight_smile:
So far I have only tried @quarantequatre’s JU-06 and was really fond of the sound, both for huge bass drone and chords…
Guess it will end on my desk at some point ^^

Boutiques are awesome , I have chosen the ju-06 because I love the sound of the juno 106 so much !
And I find the sound very similar with the original one, this is a huge point :slight_smile:

I have just made wood sides for the fun and the style, here are the pictures

Pictures did not upload from my phone :confused:
I’m gonna as it tomorrow

It seems the only people who are scathing are the people that have never used them, wonderfully built instruments and the sounds are superb… I sequence from my monomachine and now have the filter cc’s mapped. I would love to see them do 808/909/303 boutiques.

As promised, here are the pictures of my Wooden JU-06 :slight_smile: