Roland jx03 opinions

Looking at one of these in local store. They’ve knocked a chunk off. Has anyone used one? What’s your opinion on it?

I have 2 of them, I like them better than the JX3p that I used to own.

they do more than the JU-06, but I have both anyway
the JX3P is a new synth for me, but I already have a Juno-6 and having a portable version with some new features is nice
the JP-08 is my favorite, so many sound choices

I have all three 2015 Boutiques and I like the JX most, because - KNOBS - ! And I really dig the JX sound. The tiny faders of the JP suck, and the JU sounds more harsh than the JX.

I wish Roland would add a polyphonic sequencer, like in the VP.

I have the JX, JU, JP and VP and love them all in their own ways.