Excellent, price might come down for the Mk1 now. Not that I need one…

The MK1 is having a big upgrade - new synth engine.

Some killer demos of the MK2 on SC -


Making an already amazing and unique drum machine even more special. Eleketron nailed it. The MK1 was one of the best and more musical gears that I had. With that being said, I´m very happy of literally downgrading my setup. Sold the Analog Rytm and the Octatrack, bought a Digitakt and an Analog Heat. I got more free space, lighter and smaller hardware and more focused gear, as I was somewhat underusing the synthesis engines of the AR. Obviously is different heating up a sample inside the AR than using the AH, but it´s enough to me and makes possible a more modular approach - I wouldn´t turn on the AR just to spice the OP-1, but now I use the Analog Heat all the time with the OP-1 and the Pocket Operators, for example.

Yeah it looks lovely and the price tag isnt too bad when it comes with nice reverb, compressor etc. But it might be over kill for me. I like a small footprint with the OP-1 and signed up to get an OTO Boum. Financially its either the AR MK2 or the OB-6 desktop (albeit a 2nd hand one). I think the latter would still get more use

Would it really have killed Elektron to throw something bigger than 1gb mem or a sd/USB socket drive in to a £1500 sampler in 2017 (yes, I know it’s also an Analog drum synth :wink: ? And still only 64mb ram per project I guess?

So near yet so far…

Nice enough bit of gear but not doing it for me at £1500.