Hi guys , im very sad. I biught my op1 some weeks ago. tonite i was recordinkg and playin yn tape mode. I’ve added some fx in the mixer mode , and suddenly when i turned off the fx an advice wiht white letters and numbers appeared and the device got freezed. I turned off and iturned on again and no sound coming form the synths or just a small amount of high end frencuencies. . i’m totally pissed off and i have no idea what to do. I live in argentina, bought it used, and i’m really in love with the device

If i m in the mixer mode and hit t3 to enter in fx mode. The white advie appears and the device got freezed. It’s a fx concerned issue. But i don’t know how to fix it

Hmm i did a reset factoy (key 7) and the sounds are back. I don’t think i dare to use fx in master mode again :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d make sure you are on the absolute latest OS available from the teenage engineering website. Also: a reset and format usually takes care of weird bugs like this for a while. I wouldn’t be too worried about master fx after wiping the machine.

Yeah it is the latest os. Maybe i’m wrong but it also seemed that sounds better now after reset factoy

Better sound after a reset has been mentioned in the past. Fewer artifacts in the sound, and it also clears up the glitch sound at the end of albums that sometimes occurs.

Thanks for the info!

My op-1 had the same bug / problem few days ago, also when I was playing with the Master FX.

I lost everything I was working on because I couldn’t connect it to the computer, when I tried to go to disk mode it crashed.

Had to do a factory reset, but in my case the sound quality is worse now. Will try formatting/resetting again and check if it gets any better…

oh please tell us how are things after resetting. i want to know what to do on any future issue.