SammyJams new album! Hot Science!

Hey OP fam! I’m proud to release my new album Hot Science… made entirely in the OP-1. Except for mastering : ) Oh, and the remix at the end was done by a non-OP-1 user named Zero Tep. Check him out on Soundcloud, he’s amazing.

I did use a lot of sampling of songs and pocket operators. No non-TE gear was used! Not because I was restricting myself… just turned out that way! I suppose if I had had my Volca FM when recording, that would have made the album. It’s a free download, so please grab it and enjoy!

Awesome stuff

I really dig your nostalgic but gritty sound. My favourite one’s still So Raw (gotta love the vocal hook!), but so many other great tracks too… Power Couple’s got an irresistible groove, Waiting for the Wave too (love the part in the middle with the bass line). Great work man!

Really good stuff man, great tracks + production! You got quite creative with the mastering as well.

Thanks @crudeoperator @vehka and @lefilou !!