Sample reverses of hits

Hi everyone. Got my OP-1 about a week ago and am finally beginning to get my head around it. Loving the creativity.
Hopefully a simple question for experienced users-

I’m trying to get a reverse of a snare I’m using in my own beats. Simple way seems to be to sample it using the ear and press the chop button (6) so it scrubs back and forth and then cut the hit I need. Seems that the 6 preset overrides the chop function so I can’t do that.

Any tips of tricks on how I can get reverses of hits would be great.
I like to use them to add texture to my drum patterns. Simple enough to do using a DAW but I’m really trying to work within the limitations / creativity of just the OP-1 for now.

Thanks for your help.

shift+blue knob in the drum sampler controls direction

Amazing, and simple! Thank you so much.

While we’re here, what about loading the same patch into the neighbouring key so I can have a reversed next to an original?

Thank you again! Should have checked the manual :man_facepalming: