sampler op z usb input

Hi fellow OP Z users,

Ill try to record something from my mac book , via usb into the sampler.
Do i need to configure things on my computer or Op z ? because the microphone is still working wile the usb is in use

Thank you

I tried to set OP-Z as interface in Live and Reaper and the mic was still set as input source on the OP-Z, so it seems we have a similar issue. I did not try to set OP-Z as audio interface in the Mac settings, maybe that will enable the usb as sample input source? I will that try later today. The video and screenshot I have seen all set the audio interface on “system level” it seems (connected to iOS device or set in Mac settings).

Ok, let me know if that works … thank you

Nevermind, setting audio interface in DAW works. I think I failed to turn on the OP-Z while connected to the PC with USB.

Ok, ill give it a try