Samples for OP-1 by kimura taro(last updated:05/10/2019 )




Awesome - thanks a lot :slight_smile: was listening to them on soundcloud, they sound great. Will grab them and load them up.


Thank you Orat!




Awesome is such a little word for all this posting…

Thank you 1000 times Taro !!


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Damn you’re on a roll! Thanks for doing that


not sure how I missed out on this thread - how come this isn’t busy with thankful comments?

thanks so much for your generosity @orat !
there are so many beautiful samples here. fantastic work. sharing this is awesome


This guy is the best

Thanks man


I don’ know where to begin : D


@orat You’re not only on fire but hotter than the sun! Thanks a bunch!


Great. Thanks!


Excellent, you’ve done well! Thank you.


Just wanted to say thank you for this! Really nice sounds : )


Thanks orat!!!


Nice, thanks :slight_smile:


I should do a track with these… Thanks again!


Great stuff, thanks!


Drumkits and Synth samples for Teenage Engineering OP-1

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I compiled the sample packs for op-1 that I had previously released in one sample pack. Previous sample packs were released free of charge, but because it was summarized, it exceeded the capacity limit of gumroad, so it became charged. However, if you enter the code, you can download it for free. The code is " moodyblues ".

From now on, when I release samples for op-1, upload samples to this sample pack. If I update this sample pack, I will contact downloaders…

How to download my free products on Gumroad.


This is amazing - just getting my hands on an op-1 today and excited to start making :smile: thanks!!