Samples in Content Mode, OP-Z App Config Mode; moving Samples from Track to Track

I’ve just sort of figured out the Config Mode of the OP-Z app (now that I have a more stable wired connection to my iPad).

In addition to easily loading the new patches/samples that are found in the Config Mode, I found it’s super easy to move my user patches/samples from one track to another (from Lead to Chord, for instance).

I really liked this discovery, as manually dropping samples into each of the Track folders, then the 1,2,3,4…folder was a bit of a hassle. Also, wondering ‘should this be in the Lead or Chord folder?’ is no longer a worry.

I just throw all my custom Drum Kit samples under Kicks, and all the Synth samples under Bass and then move them around later with the OP-Z app.

If you are playing with content mode, just remember there’s a hard 24MB limit on user samples.