Sampling 9 different -6sec- sounds on different chosen keys without affecting pitch

Hi there,
I’m new with the OP-1.
I have something in mind, and I want to know if it’s possible to achieve it with the OP-1.

Here is the challenge:

  • I wrote a song with 9 complex chords of an emulated mellotron I composed in my DAW.

  • I have to play this song in concert while singing at the same time.

  • In order to fully concentrate on my singing, I want to sample each chord of the song on only one key of the OP-1.

  • And I want to choose which key will play this or that chord.
    For example: there is a C chord, I want to assign it to a C key. There’s also an A chord, I want to assign it to an A key, etc.

  • Each chord should be able to be played for approximately 6 seconds without interruption.

Here is what I’ve already tried:

  • Sampling the chords in the synth section :arrow_right: it’s not ok because it affects the pitch of the sample when you change the key you press.

  • Sampling the chords as a patch in the drum section with DrumUtility :arrow_right: we’re getting closer to the desired result but the complete .aiff file you have to import in the OP-1 must be a maximum of 12 seconds long. So if you do the math, 12 seconds / 9 chords = 1,3333 seconds for each sample. It’s too short for the use I have to make of it.

Please, give me your lights!
I can’t believe that a sampler as powerful and complete as the OP-1 can’t allow me to do that, because it seems to me that it’s the ABC for a sampler to do such a thing.

Thanks so much for your help,

Cheers :stuck_out_tongue:

easy to achieve what you want…you have two options using the drum sampler.
1/ make your chord samples shorter and use the loop function so they play as long as you want.
2/use more than one sample slot and just move between them as you play. as long as you have two functioning fingers you’ll be fine.

But why not use the synth sampler? sample one note of the mellotron into the synth sampler and then play your chords. if you can’t play chords live then use one of the sequencers and sequence your chords. then just hold down a key to trigger the sequence.
or just plug the op1 into your computer and trigger the chords on your laptop.

don’t blame the OP-1. you’re the one that chose to buy a sampler with a max sample time of 12 seconds.


even more options:

  • record your chord samples 2 octaves pitched up, then play back at -24 tune in the drum sampler. 4x effective sample length, a little crunchier from the downsampling, but nearly 6s per sample
  • ADVANCED TECHNIQUE: OP-1 “timestretch”. Record your 9 chords normally to the drum sampler (so ~1.3s per chord like you say). Assign a Value LFO to the “dim blue” parameter (remember shift+blue encoder on the drum page is forward/reverse control). Dial the LFO rate to max, and turn the depth negative. The LFO will be modulating the sample direction quickly, giving it a timestretch-like effect.
  • For plain chords, this is probably pretty similar to just using the loop function. but who knows, maybe it’s better in your case

I’ll add an option too, just for the fun of it:
Use the synth sampler and use the synth presets as “keys”. You’ll have 8 instead of 9 but than you could use the drum sampler for the last one.
If you hold a note and change preset the note gets retriggered. So sample chords 1 in synth preset 1, chord 2 in preset 2 etc.
Im not sure though if it retriggers when you switch to drum synth
But hey thisis fun. Could be a nice new weekly challenge next to the battle: confront the community with a dchallenge and see how mant different options there are too succeed.