Sampling input gain - ideal meter levels

Hey dudes

Sampling some shizz with the internal mic… Make sure little red meter bar doesn’t hit the ceiling… Look at sample, and it is clipped ( and sounds clipped)…

Where are you guys ideally hitting that red meter bar? 75%


I throw the input gain up to max +20.
My sources a maybe quieter than yours. Ambient conversations,Trains or Jews Harp.
I just tested a loud source and yes there is a fine line between 99% meter bar and hard clipped. 2-3 db over seemed to destroy the recording. Although 99% worked out fine.

Thanks man @spheric_el

BTW I had to reduce volume of sample once recorded to check. It comes out boosted +6 by default. Shift & Red.

Yeah, dat auto boost. I thought I was imagining things.