Sampling record latch


I wanted to sample my guitar today. Is there really no way to latch the record button/have a count-in so I can actually play the guitar instead of having to have one finger constantly on the record button?

Hope I’m just missing something here but couldn’t find anything in the manual…

You can use a clothes peg for holding down Rec. or sample directly to tape while starting starting the tape, count in and delete the first unused part.

Sampling to tape is a tip for the OP-1 not Z I suppose?

Oh you’re right, sorry.

sample to computer first i guess…at least you can cut it up exactly how you want to and then USB > OP-Z

I think you can press record + play to latch recording. I’m not sure about the count in though. Maybe you could chain two patterns? Setting the first to just quarter note hits and then playing your guitar on the second pattern could fake a count in.

EDIT: I assumed you were talking about op-z. Not sure about the op-1.

I am talking about the Z. Record + Play doesn’t seem to work for me.