Scissors key stopped working

Hi all,

Grrrr my scissors key no longer works. Done a factory reset and have tested in Control mode and all other buttons send out cc data except that one. Any suggested quick fixes? How do I get the keys off?


Hope you get it sorted mate. General build quality on the OP seems pretty terrible after reading the past few months’ posts on this forum…
Hoping not to run in to any of the many problems people have been posting… A few times I’ve hit a key and had no sound from it but it’s always fine on 2nd hit and thereafter, so I’m hoping it’s more of a general cpu/beta OS thing and not a symptom of keys that are gonna die soon…

I’ve got a misbehaving key as well. The high E is multitriggering uncontrollably if I press it anywhere from the middle to the bottom of the key. Top of the key is fine most of the time. That’s after only 5 months of light to medium use… a bit disappointing given the price tag.

Fortunately I’m still covered by warranty but I’ll hold off with the repair until the end in case some other keys fail too. Also, I don’t want to give my baby away for an unknown amount of time while the weather is nice :wink:

I bought mine second hand in 2014 and it’s been pretty well used. Am considering selling rather than fixing if it’s going to be costly.