Second G# Key stopped working


I was jamming out on the op 1 today when i noticed the G# key stopped working. I haven’t been able to get it working again, I remember it was cutting in and out last week but i thought it might have been the synth cutting off. Any ideas to try and fix it?

My “8” key stopped working, but randomly triggers sometimes when I mash certain chords. So weird.

same for me… no more 8 key. it’s not bad right now, coz I almost never use M2 and can get around the 8 instrument/ drumset, but anyway: is there a way to fix it, because I guess taht it could happen to all the keys.

by far biggest disappointment with op1 is keys not working. bought second hand, first sequence key then1-8 keys stopped working. then suddenly started working after few days then 4 keys below screen stopped, soon after transport keys went. replaced with ifixit keybed, only after assembled noticed a black key dud. started to work again after a few days. been super careful handling my op1, a key stopped again few days ago, shook and tapped lightly key started working.

try the function test to double check, some functions were mixed up on my keyboard.