Selling op-1 for $600 and op-z for $400


I’m not trying to get rich just trying to sell my used op-1 and op-z


Where you at?




Where at? I’m in Louisville, would be interested in the OP-1.


Fort cambell


Anything wrong with them, or are you just feeling altruistic? :smile: I’d be interested in the OP-Z at that price. Can you ship to Minnesota?


Nothing wrong with them just too busy I can ship as early as tomorrow


Wow, a thousy for an OP-1/OP-Z bundle is a GREAAAAT deal. If these didn’t end up with a new home already, I’m definitely interested in both!


Still available


Th op-z stil available?


why so cheap? op-1’s are selling for about double that on Reverb


@Sellingmysynths I want the OP-Z can you email me a pic


Sent pics


I don’t believe in scalping or price gouging I think that it’s bullshit


So far


pm’d for pics


is the op1 still available, can you send me pics with a timestamp. is there anything wrong with it?


Hey I got a google pay request but I requested to you to use PayPal as I have funds there. Can you not do PayPal? Also sent a text like you asked and tried to call, went straight to voicemail. Please let me know. Thanks!


No PayPal protection so I’m out!
FYI only scammers are not into normal PayPal payments (unless they are well known and have a long standing reputation with past deals), plus communication dropped when I asked about PP again.

This forum should only allow normal PayPal only sales like Thegearpage, it helps weed out the scammers. Sorry Scott if your not a scammer but you shouldn’t ignore your buyers all the sudden and should answer the phone when you give your number, also the voicemail sounded just like a fake online number made through an app.


I agree…sounded fishy to me too. As this person only signed up here to sell.