Selling op-1 for $600 and op-z for $400


I don’t use PayPal because google pay is connected to all my stuff bank/business/etc and I’m at work so couldn’t answer lmao y’all are hilarious


Sorry if it insulted you in any way…but I have been scammed on this site before.
So anybody signing up and instantly selling something for a ridiculously low price rings an alarm bell.


Understood I’ve read a lot of useful things in here over the year I’ve iwned my op never had a reason to post I got both at retail I just assumed I’d try to give someone a decent deal as their used and stuff the world is greedy I’m not one for greed just passing along my synths to a good home


that’s decent of you!

If I had the money, I’d buy the OP-1 :slight_smile:


If anyone is interested still I will even do half now half after you recieve the synth that way since the ones that think this i am some sort of scammer we both will be mutually taking a risk or whatever I just hate PayPal with a passion


Sounds like you should deal with PayPal for this one transaction if you are serious about selling.


Hate to say this…but this is what my scammer did too…


it does sound too good to be true, I am also selling an op1 but for $1150usd


Come on guys, wake up!

What we’re talking about:

  • A new user with zero story on the forum
  • Her/his username is @Sellingmysynths
  • She/he’s offering gear for ridiculous low price
  • She/he doesn’t want to use PayPal

Do you really think it can be legit?


I will get both of them from you asap. Please message me!

Thanks for not being a scalper :slight_smile:


I’ll buy if still available!


come on man anyone selling an op1 for 600 is a little crazy!


This guy is definitely a scammer. He posted the almost identical thing on reddit while saying that he needed the funds for cancer treatment. I fell for it and sent him ~half now~. Thankfully it seems like google pay will refund my money pretty quickly after filling out a dispute.


Good looks!!!


yep It was clear to me this was a scam right off the bat, be careful out there guys!


@spacemonkey would you have an URL, please?
To anyone: I’d like to sort out if @Sellingmysynths is genuine or not.
I would suggest we go easy on the deductions if we don’t have any proof (especially if you’re not the clearest of sellers). If you have serious elements of proof, let me know here or in PM.


He deleted his reddit account and the threads but here are some screenshots


Dude is straight mental. He would get super defensive when I would thoroughly question him after being sketched out, and try to guilt trip me for “messing with a sick person”. Here are some texts he sent me !


If you are @unknown_bob …better hope that we never meet.
Just know that people are looking for you :wink:


How nuts :peanuts: