Selling op-1 for $600 and op-z for $400


If it seems to good to be true, it usually is. If someone says “half now, half on delivery”, they are not sharing the risk because there is no risk to them, they are just scamming you for half the money! I literally cannot believe how many people thought this was real…

I wouldn’t be surprised if a few people got scammed by this guy within this thread. Always check post history. Don’t let a seller push you to use a payment system you’re not confident with and, because it is worth repeating, if something is too good to be true then it is probably a scam.


I would expect this forum to do just a little more to protect its legitimate and loyal members.

How hard would it be to disallow posts in Buy/Sell until a person has been a member for a few months and posted in x number of other threads, received x number of likes/badges etc??

Seriously mods and members, here we have someone who posted his ad 2 days after registering, with no prior posts, and has ONLY posted about these items he has for sale (he also PMd someone with an OP1 wanted ad).

Everyone needs to have a clue and help each other. That includes the site mods!



I totally agree. Most forums I’m on don’t allow you to post in buy/sell until you have a certain number of posts under your belt but I really like your idea of having to have a few “likes” so that they can’t just post rubbish until they get to the required number.

Members must take their own steps to protect themselves and be aware that scammers target users of forums for rare or expensive items due to the fear of missing out on a bargain or opportunity to get something that is sold out.

However the fact that this thread is still up isn’t great either. Mods could flag posts by new users with a new user flair/badge for example to help people spot new owners who may need things explained more simply and potentially unscrupulous sellers.


I agree close the thread. I don’t like post minimums but agree some mod guided checks are unfortunately usually required. The only other place I use - electronauts are now requiring actual photos and a bit more detail than they did previously which I think shows people the way.
You folks in the last few posts though have given all the advice people need to follow regardless. Deals like this are too good to be true.


Actually on Discourse-powered forums flags are a way for users to help protecting the Community by signaling to the mods that something is wrong and an action is required.
Feel free to do so: we can’t read every single post.

Anyway, I’ll close this thread as requested.

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