Selling OP-1 Melbourne Australia $1100 (will ship nationwide)


My gorgeous OP-1 arrived one year ago with a case complete with all its accessories, I will list them in detail in an edit soon.
It has been used a bit, but not really a whole lot. I was relieved to find it in perfect condition and with a battery that really, really lasts, not one that has trouble with the battery indicator or life. It has certainly spent far too much time in its case however and should move on to a better owner.
Please contact me if interested, I'll send any photos or whatever you want.
Considering it cost me about $1350 to get this in with everything I now have, and that's whilst not used you're actually getting something that's guaranteed to not have any faults (unless they develop after handing over), I'm asking for $1100, not including shipping.

Will add more details in the next couple of days when I have time. Thank you! Please ask questions away.


Still here, still don’t have much time, will add more details when someone shows interest :slight_smile:


Is this still available? If so, what accessories are included? :slight_smile: thanks


interested to buy today if its available


Hi is your OP-1 still available?

Can ship to singapore?


Hi there,

I’m in Melbourne and am keen to purchase a op1, is this still available?