Sequence OP-1 with Z?


No matter what gear I buy I find the OP-1 the tool I go back to for production. What I struggle with is the sequencers, so I thought about the Z as a sequencer for the 1. Can you do this and if so to what extent?

For example can I sequence drums and synths, one at a time or multiple together? I’m thinking of setting up percussion samples and using the Z to run complex off beat sequences, and recording that to tape. If after a bounce I need to correct a mistake, not really an issue as the Z has the sequence saved.

That’s the plan anyway, am I dreaming?

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They call the op-z a dream machine. Yes you can sequence the op-1 with the op-z. But you can not sequence the drums and synth at the same time. The op-1 can not run both drums and synth modes at the same time. The full multi track sequencing on the op-z doesn’t work with the op-1. It will work as external, more powerful, sequencer for one instrument at a time.

Any synth sample, or drum sample kit will work on the op-z. If you want the full multi track sequencing you can prep your percussion samples with the op-1 and load them on the op-z. Then record the op-z audio to the op-1 tape. The tape transport control can sync with the op-z.

Check out this video on the op-z sequencer and complex off beat sequences.



I’m really not sure about the Z, or if I just go and get the Norns from Monome, which will be less instant but I think more capable down the road. But I could get three OP-Z for the Norns and the Grid, which you kinda have to also get.

Well as you said it’s the op-z is not a huge investment. Looking at sold ebay listings you can get a good price on the resale market if you don’t like it.