Sequencer page randomly opening by itself?

This has happened a few times last couple of days. Been thinking I’ve just accidentally hit the sequencer button cos I’ve been on sofa and not paying super attention to my wrists etc. But it just did it while I was playing keys with both hands on a wooden table. Anyone else had this happen?

Yes would happen to me a lot with my brand new one.Like there’s dust triggering it.It died down Very occasional now it will still do it.
My preset 8 would suddenly spring on also.

Yeah I think I also had couple of untriggered patch changes on 1-8 but figured it was me hitting something without realising. Bit of a concern if I ever want to use it for shows!? Surely can’t be so much dust as to cause this in a brand new unit?

Don’t know.Prob not dust,just my mind makin images.
It has slowed right down.
It would change presets in the middle of recording to album.Annoying ,but actually didn’t sound too bad.
I get your point about live.
I didn’t want to send mine back and it was a bit if a risk in hind sight.

If it isn’t happening on everyone’s units I think I’m gonna have to send it back and switch it…ugh, I only just decided to keep it! It’s happened like 6 times and I’ve only used it around 6 hours total. Not great ratio/odds. Suddenly going in to some random hectic sequence I’m the middle of a show would probably spin me out.

It happens on mine as well. It’s rare and only occurs when multiple keys are pressed at the same time, but it’s still very annoying.

Seems pretty common :frowning: Wonder if it’s hardware or software?

Fyi never happened here. If new and in guarantee I’d return it.

Thanks, possibly hardware then. I’ll switch it for another unit to be safe.

…never heard of this behavior…fingersCrossed

Had this happen again couple of times tonight. Need to switch for replacement. None in stock right now tho… Hopefully not too long before they receive new stock. Recorded first keeper OP track tonight, really refreshing hardware workflow after coming from elektron 64 Step sequencers. Nice to be able to record longer passages and off the grid, gonna miss it!

I suppose you’ve already updated the firmware? My OP was acting strange too (though I can’t recall exactly what glitches it had) when it arrived and after updating the shipped OS from 14203 to 14203 (not a typo!) all was well.

Thanks for the help. Teenage engineering said my firmware was up to date tho (a recent ‘test OS’…) and it seems that others on different firmwares have had the same issue so it’s just been returned. Has to be a hardware problem. Gotta wait 2-3 weeks til they send the replacement out… Ugh :frowning: