Sequencing OP-1 using external gear

Are there any youtube videos that show OP-1 being sequenced using external gear? I’m interested in what the flow looks like.

Bonus points for using OP-Z for sequencing OP-1. This sounds like the ideal setup, sounds like it should be possible with regular OP-1 cable and a USB to USB-C dongle (OP-Z has MIDI host), but I can’t find videos anywhere!

Could you be a little more specific about what workflow you’re after?

You can sequence the OP1 externally. There are multiple issues, one being midi echo, another being midi drift and the absolute timing nature of looped tape segments, another being the CC numbers they’ve picked, another being midi song position potentially being off depending on which firmware is installed, etc etc.
Multiple attempts and a rather expensive midi clock later, it’s become apparent to me that while it can be sequenced, a more fun way of integrating the OP1 is either to a] use the OP1 to sequence other things or b] keep it deliberately out of sync or in loose sync. Workarounds, yes, not remedies, but sadly it’s not a first class MIDI citizen. Other posts on this forum go into more detail.

tl;dr: do expect pain-points

Could you be a little more specific about what workflow you’re after?

I like working with OP-1’s endless sequencer, I often record a sequence to tape, change synth settings, record to a different track, mix and resample.

I’d like to do the same with an external sequencer (and ideally with OP Z, because it’s so portable). So: connect an external sequencer, but record the OP-1’s output to OP-1’s tape and still produce the song on OP-1.