Sequencing speed dip effect on tape track

Is it possible to sequence a sublte slowdown effect with the tape track (like a tape loose accident) ?
I can do it live smoothly using the dial, but I want to sequence it. I can mimic by setting small variations of speed on each following steps but it’s hatched, not a smooth transition. Am I missing some point or it’s just impossible to do?

Slow the tape track down for better results and use the fine tune (blue dial) for that tape flutter. record the slowdown in time with the track.

Record in real-time in the tape track.

Well, it doesn’t record the smooth transition (progression) over time recording live. It will just hold the last value set by the dial move. I’m not sure if I’m clear here, but for example I want to move from x1 speed to x0.75 then back to x1 and it will take like 2s to complete in a smooth way.

I thought I was able to do this… isn’t there a parameters live recording function? I’ll check my opz next time I’m around it.