Setup pic?

This isn’t really a traditional setup pic like people usually share but, I thought it looked kind of classy. Of course it’s not how I have it set up but this is what I’ve restricted myself to for the time being. I figure I could make an album using only these things. Not even a real mic. I’m just gonna use the op-1 built-in mic.



On my way to Berlin for a month. This morning I threw together my travel rig.


jealous. have fun

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Bass (not shown) + Choice of pedals with a DI box/mic blend into Portastudio + OP1 directly into Portastudio…
Simple and fast :smiley:

Oh also the table is from Frekvens


Curious — are you doing any multiracking using the OP-1’s tape and then capture the results on the Portastudio? Or do you just lay things down on the OP-1 step by step and record it all to different tracks on the Portastudio?

I got myself a six-track Portastudio with a peer bonus I got from work on an impulse a while ago (how I wanted a four-track cassette recorder when I was in high school!), and I’m honestly not using it much other than using it to record myself noodling at the piano. I’m genuinely curious about other people’s workflows.

Just slapped this together today after finding an old pedal board my brother gave me. Makes some wild sounds and is super portable, the only thing that requires external power is the mixer, and I’ll probably replace that with a Bastl Dude soon just to make it an easy grab and go to plug into my speakers when I feel like sitting outside.


@basicbones love that set up.

Figure I’d make my first post on the forum simple. Here’s my setup on a trippy filter …

OP-1/ Toraiz SP-16/ Overstayer VCA Stereo Compressor/ Dave Smith Tetra(didn’t fit the frame)/UA DCS Remote Pre