Shader Tunnels Videopak - Free Download =)

This Videopak contains TWO awesome tunnel shaders converted over to videolab and made to perform with on the OPZ.

Enjoy =) Download link in the description on youtube -


Nice ! Thx !

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Thank you @poika for continuing to share and push what is possible with op-z visuals!

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Thank you very cool! I’m trying to import this into the op-z app on android but I can’t figure out whats going on. The videopak folder on my phone was empty and when i drop your files in there I only get the two standard videopaks and not yours. Any clues?

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Try overwriting the videopak folder all together and not just dropping the contents of the videopak folder inside the videopak directory. Its a strange workflow but the videopak folder needs to be overwritten and replaced.

Let me know if this helps! Feel free to tag @videolabcreators on insta as well✌🏼

looks great! any tips for getting started with the videopak stuff? i don’t do any 3d stuff at all but i use processing a bit to make some interesting stuff and was hoping to transfer that into the videopak somehow

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Hey -

Here’s a few links to get you up and running -

Videolab Creators Discord -

You could generate gifs/videos with your processing examples and load them into the photomatic section of the OPZ app if you wanted to do something quick

The Youtube channel has a bit of info for getting up and running too

awesome! thanks

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