Shadow box for op-z?

I have a hard time using the op-z in broad daylight. The lights are just too small and dim to see, so I’m thinking about improving that by building a sort of shadow box… that blocks out the light as much as possible but still keep it playable… I also need to be able to still use the oplab module jacks… has any seen something like this or attempted to build it?

im having the same problem. i like to take my op-z with me when go out. but usually it’s really impractical to have a decent jam outside, have to w8 till the end of the day :confused:
i have thought many times about some kind of contraption. maybe shadow box would help a little.
depending on how you like to jam. but i think the user experience of a shadow dox is designed for a display that is positioned 45-90 degrees angle.
op-z is best played horizontally 0-30 degrees angle. so maybe shadow box is less effective. (but have to test that in practice, ofcaurse)
my solution so far is just to find a shadow.
also, additional bluetooth midi controller with more clear interface can help. just remap CC values.

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