share hidden features / tricks

It would be great to heat about any unexpected features or tricks your discovered. I found these on Youtube:


In the effects 1 track if you use the delay effect…

Set the sequence length less than 16 and the last 4 delay length options (1/1, 2/1, 3/1, 4/1) (the piano keys) now become multiples of the new track length. The rest of the delay lengths are strictly locked to BPM.

This is helpful when trying to create delay timings that do not match the grid you’ve created.

Layering sounds:
eg. hold track + lead (keep holding track & lead) and select chord.
(both tracks should lid white)
when you then play a key - both tracks gets triggered. not recorded ;(

also fun with:
hold track + arp track (keep holding track&arp) and select bass.

EDIT: oh it was documented: